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Crown Syness

21.02.2019 - 30.03.2019

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Labirent Sanat, brings together the works of Ayşe Demirci, Hüseyin Aksoy, Murat Kosif, Serdar Oruç and Sinan Orakçı with a group exhibition entitled Crown Shyness between 21 February - 30 March 2019.

Crown Shyness (Taç Mesafesi) in the literature, is used to describe the distances that some of the top branches of some tree species leave to preserve their own species. The definition of Crown Shyness which is explained as the cause of spaces to prevent harmful organisms passing from one tree to another and to prevent damages that may occur as a result of colliding with each other in the wind, to limit their growth to a certain extent as they share a common area and to maximize the light they will use for photosynthesis, can be interpreted as one of the most meaningful messages of a system that encourages us to think about the dynamics of living together and created to protect itself and indirectly other species.

Human is an entity who springs to life in nature, shapes and maintains his life with the effect of the conditions in nature, establishes a network of relationships by nourishing from nature in physical and spiritual sense and builds his culture and civilization there. “Nature”, as a physical structure which civilizations have risen is a whole itself that societies realize themselves, be nourished spiritually and benefit from. Nature is the source of life, where all organisms coexist. In this context, human being should see himself as part of a larger whole together with other life forms.

Crown Shyness exhibition which can be seen in Labirent Sanat from 21 February offers an opportunity of view through nature-human dialect to the works of artists who are nourished from the cultural diversity and resources of the same geography and continue artistic productions in the same time period and deal with current issues with different mentalities and mediums.

In the works of Crown Shyness exhibition, nature in general is considered as a metaphor for explaining concepts such as birth, life, death, ecology, identity, illusion, reality and space rather than one-to-one representment. In the exhibition, the meaning of metaphors that created by the artists based on nature in contemporary art practices is gaining depth by inviting the audience to reconsider, interpret or even contribute to intellectual production from different perspectives.

The group exhibition titled Crown Shyness curated by Hande Özdilim where Ayşe Demirci, Hüseyin Aksoy, Murat Kosif, Serdar Oruç and Sinan Orakçı's latest works took place can be seen at Labirent Sanat until March 30, 2019.


Ayşe Demirci

Hüseyin Aksoy

Murat Kosif

Serdar Oruç

Sinan Orakçı

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