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Event Horizon

16.05.2019 - 29.06.2019

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Labirent Sanat is hosting the exhibition titled Event Horizon where Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak, Emel Ülüş, Emre Celali, Flou Project, Tuna Üner and Yakup Uysal’s recent works take place between 16 May – 29 June 2019.

The event horizon in physics; in the black holes, usually formed as a result of the collapse of the stars, is a space part that limits the area where light and matter cannot escape, the perception of time and space change completely, even the time stops and physical research is not possible. For a matter or life that crosses the event horizon and falls into the black hole, the journey is one-way, there is no return. The black holes that we can define as the deadlegs of the universe, while limiting our knowledge of the universe, offer us opportunities for estimating the possibility of all possibilities on the level of perception.

Event Horizon exhibition takes its inspiration from the obscurity about the black holes in the universe, which sometimes provokes our sense of curiosity and sometimes pushes the boundaries of our imagination. While the unknown activates a sense of curiosity, the sense of courage provides an opportunity to find the truth and the motivation to advance.

In Deleuze and Guattari's What is Philosophy? book, when they say “Philosophy, science, and art want us to tear open the firmament and plunge into the chaos. We defeat it only at this price” in fact, they emphasize the need to take any risk to unveil the unknown and progress boldly, and they continue with the following words: “What the philosopher brings back from the chaos are variations that are still infinite but that have become inseparable on the absolute surfaces or in the absolute volumes that layout a secant plane of immanence… The artist brings back from the chaos varieties that no longer constitute a reproduction or the sensory in the organ but set up a being of the sensory, a being of sensation, on an anorganic plane of composition that is able to restore the infinite.”

Event Horizon exhibition that consists the recent works of Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak, Emel Ülüş, Emre Celali, Flou Project, Tuna Üner and Yakup Uysal, unveils the unknowns of the universe, being and human. Event Horizon exhibition can be seen in Labirent Sanat until 29 June.


Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak

Emel Ülüş

Emre Celali

Flou Project

Tuna Üner

Yakup Uysal

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