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Timeless Imagery

04.04.2019 - 04.05.2019

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Nadide Akdeniz with her 26th solo exhibition titled “Timeless Imagery” meets the audience with her works produced in different periods and techniques, involved her 25-year tendencies in Labirent Sanat between 4 April – 4 May 2019.

Although Nadide Akdeniz's paintings in “Timeless Imagery” exhibition are perceived as an aesthetic transfer of the natural one at first glance, they draws audience into thinking through a timeless interval by the images she uses. Ordinary objects, which are hidden in an uninhabited, immaculate image of nature, frequently used in everyday life or have lost their function, multiply the meaning with our individual experience by taking us into the painting.

In our age that considers the pause as a defect that threatens the system; our environment that is constantly changing with the force of innovation, the things we use, our habits, even with our body, the memories that establish our ego and our mind is getting lost in the speed of time that cannot be captured. In Nadide Akdeniz's paintings, concepts such as real and fiction, past and present, death and life, old and new are transferred to the audience with great care through the past-present-future dialect. The images in Akdeniz’s paintings, come into existence by extending to the past and future not only remain limited to their actual existence.

Nadide Akdeniz’s solo exhibition titled “Timeless Imagery” where a selection of her works from the last 25 years take place can be seen in Labirent Sanat between 4 April – 4 May 2019.

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