Şinasi Göktürkler

He was born in İstanbul. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculty, Combined Arts Department. Some of his works have been shown in the following exhibitions and art galleries; Reasonable, Hafriyat (2008, İstanbul); 1st International Tehran Biennial on the Road (2008, İstanbul, Berlin, Belgrad); We Stuck in the Middle with You, Casa Del Arte (2011, Bodrum); Art Beat Istanbul Art Fair. Casa Del Arte (2011, İstanbul); Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute (2011, İtalya); Maximum Load, Kabine Nadire (2012, İstanbul); Full Room/Domicile Kadıköy, Kabine Nadire (2012, İstanbul); I Promised You No Palace, Halka Art Project (2013, İstanbul); Som Animals, Museu Frederic Mares (2014, Barselona); Contemporary Istanbul Halka Art Project (2014, İstanbul. His first solo show No Trace of Your Brutishness took place in 2013 and second solo show Bayağı Kadın Portreleri in 2014 at Bimisal Art&Design Gallery. In 2011, Casa Del Arte selected him to artist residence, which ran for a month. Artist continues his work in his atelier in Cibali.