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13.10.2022 - 19.11.2022

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Labirent Sanat presents the solo exhibition titled “Loop” featuring Serhat Akavcı's latest works between 13 October - 19 November 2022.

C. G. Jung, in his book “Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature”, includes the doctrine of Paracelsus, the founder of modern medicine. Paracelsus, “Limbus is a circle. The animate world is the larger circle, man is the ‘Limbus minor,’ the smaller circle. He is the microcosm. Consequently, everything without is within, everything above is below” says. Man is shaped by his experiences in this infinite universe of which he is a part. The family, geography, social and socio-cultural structure, everything he is in contact with, and genetic heritage shape the 'I'. However, the 'I' also shapes its environment. Everything in the cosmos has the capacity to be interrelated. Every being is open to experiencing each other.

Loop exhibition focuses on the individual's struggle with the destructive effects of the individual or social traumatic events he has experienced in a certain period of his life, and the cyclical nature of this phenomena. Is awareness sufficient for the healing process? Is it possible to break this cycle? Is it more difficult to overcome bodily nakedness or to attain mental nakedness? What motivates us to share our personal experiences and secrets? In what conditions does the person become decentralized? What are the limits to the transfer of personal experience to someone else? These questions shape the production process of Serhat Akavcı.

Just like pain and fever, which are the precursors of our bodily ailments, delaying and suppressing chronic unhappiness and uneasiness, often grounds the inevitable bigger problems. Considering that the individual dilemmas of the human being, who is essentially a relational being, can be transferred to his entire environment and even to future generations, in Jung's determination that “...if a person learns to face his own shadow and come to terms with it, he will have done something real for the world, shouldering a small part of today's huge, unresolved social problems” makes us feel the importance of dealing with our dark side and breaking the cycle. 

You can see the works of Akavcı which are expressed in the body language of the accumulation created by the personal stories, experiences, and life-turning points of the participants/models involved in the project during the preparation process of the “Loop” exhibition, at Labirent Sanat until 19 November.



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