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Integration - Disintegration

05.09.2019 - 19.10.2019

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Labirent Sanat is hosting Sefa Çakır’s the first solo exhibition entitled “Integration – Disintegration” curated by Gülben Çapan between the dates 5 September – 19 October 2019.


Sefa Çakır is in front of the audience with his baby and child portraits he produced with marker on paper in his first solo exhibition. It is possible to define the artist's timeless and placeless works technically in terms of both painting, drawing, both abstraction and figurative. In the portraits, the linear disconnection in the skin, body and facial expressions of the figures represents that bodily integrity disrupted.


The exhibition takes its name from Winnicott’s states of integration – disintegration. For Winnicott who says that the experiences of the individual’s inner world are rooted in the very early periods of infancy, after the baby is born it experiences the states of integration – disintegration as part of its early period concerns. Integration; it consists of a combination of baby care needs such as keeping the child warm, hugging, swinging, washing, feeding and the child’s instinctive experiences (rage, anger and subversiveness).

When the care techniques are insufficient or this state does not progress well, or in the absence of the caregiver, the baby gets choked by its self-parts like biting mouth, cutter eyes and absorbent throat, and it goes to disintegration. The baby cannot settle in its own body. When it comes to the adulthood, this person gets a feeling that the world is not real and psychosis develops. In human, getting broken to pieces, losing connection with the body, losing the direction are the proofs that integration is impaired.


Sefa Çakır looks at the broken self as if looking at a broken mirror and resists the disintegration in an attempt to assemble the pieces. The artist who is questioning the psychoanalytic process of the individual, visibly carries the collapse which resulted by the loss of integrity to the body.

Sefa Çakır’s first solo exhibition entitled “Integration - Disintegration” can be seen from September 5th to October 19th, 2019 at Labirent Sanat.

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