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Allegorical Diagnosis

17.09.2020 - 14.11.2020

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Graffiti artist Reach Geblo's first solo exhibition titled "Allegorical Diagnosis" has been extended through 14 November 2020  due to the intense interestThe exhibition can be seen at Labirent Sanat's new space in Tepebaşı until 14 November 2020.


Allegorical Diagnosis” exhibits the state that belongs to everyone, in which everyone is free to see but is made strangers to the production process. Street artists who use walls as canvas and colourise the grays, offer their suggestions for people who are never going to be able to go to any exhibition throughout their lives. They transform monochrome life to a multicoloured one with their signatures; routine lives those begin at dusk become colourized without noticing, think involuntarily.  From now on, art is everywhere.


In his first solo exhibition entitled “Allegorical Diagnosis”, graffiti artist Reach Geblo both convey his experience and share his paintings with his educated and competent hand by transferring the walls which he had transformed into canvases to the exhibition space. The portraits in the exhibition are the portraits of the friends of him whom he knows and shares things with. He does not draw anybody’s portraits, he both makes the audience come eye to eye with his acquaintances’ facial expressions and occasionally hides them. The blue and red on his portraits are not colours, they are the lights of the thing which first warns vocally while experiencing the whole street and then prohibits the spoiling of the grays. Blue and red are the coldest and the warmest primary colours; they are sensed very clearly at a distance and closely, respectively.

In the exhibition Reach Geblo, shares his experiences with the audience, through his witnesses. He transfers the free and simultaneous restricted area to the exhibition space. Each canvas makes feel the permanence of themselves with their different materials since these paintings are in danger of getting covered up with a gray dye at any moment in the streets. The sculpture-installation in the exhibition transforms the experiences of all street artists in a counter-monument, based on the artist himself.


Reach Geblo’s solo exhibition entitled Allegorical Diagnosis” can be seen until 14 November 2020 at Labirent Sanat.

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