Nadide Akdeniz

In 1966, she graduated from the department of Art and Craft at the Gazi Education Institute. She was the student of Turan Erol, Adnan Turani and Nevide Gökaydın and received her undergraduate degree from Buca Faculty of Art Education at Dokuz Eylül University. She worked as a graphic designer for a while. Between 1975 and 1980, she worked as a teacher and graphic designer in secondary and higher education institutions, between 1975 and 1980 in İzmir Buca Education Institute, and in 1975 summer semester, Ankara Gazi Institute of Education in accelerated education programs. She describes her art as: “Although her work appears to narrate nature, her intention from the very beginning is to include elements of surprise through creating a world for herself by interpreting nature in her own way. Irony, criticism, reality and unreality, and opposition deconstruct the narrat/on agah and again. These pictures are the multi-layered means of estranging from reality.” She continues her works in her studio in İstanbul.