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26.11.2020 - 16.01.2021

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Labirent Sanat is pleased to host the group exhibition entitled Metanoia. The exhibition featuring the works of Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak, Nermin Ülker and Serdar Oruç, can be visited between 26 November 2020 - 16 January 2021 at the new venue of Labirent Sanat in Tepebaşı.

We, as humans, look back when we reach the limits of our own power, our desire is suppressed and we experience fear of death or an extreme shortage of existence. In this retrospect we question our past. For independent individuals who take responsibility for their lives - even if the source of the problem depends on external factors - the remedy is often through renewal of their choices or a radical change. This is not a state of renunciation, but the fastest and most effective way to create new arteries for ourselves with references from the past. Freedom is the power to create our own options and move forward despite external focuses and stereotypes.

According to Jung, metanoia is the soul's (psyche) melting itself after an unbearable conflict and reshaping itself in a more adaptive form, rebirth. When we consider this point of view together with our current situation, we can evaluate the closure process we have experienced due to the covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to look back, question our individual orientations, investment and consumption habits, lifestyle, desires, passions, the destruction of nature we cause, our attitudes towards others and change our consciousness. In such a time of blockage, Jung emphasizes that it is a better method to direct our focus to our inner world rather than the outer world that is prone to loss.

Art teaches people the practice of metanoia; how to make a u-turn on the path to progress. It just wants to show us the invisible existence of death where we tend to see life (Boris Groys). New beginnings always depend on an end. Metanoia is an experience of extinction; It represents our rebirth by confronting our dark sides and loneliness, from our palled state of being in the spiral of external pleasures and passions.
Klee's figure of Angelus Novus turns his back on the future; looks at the present and the past. Meanwhile, he continues to move backwards towards the future. This shows us the view of direction of the philosophical metanoia (as quoted by Boris Groys from Benjamin). Physicist L.E. Boltzmann explains the difference between the past and the future by our blurred vision of nature. The future of the universe is determined by the present state of the instance, just like the past. Artwork can also reflect traces of future possibilities with reference to the past and present or intuitively.

Metanoia exhibition, which will be opened to visitors by taking pandemic measures on 26 November 2020, allows us to see the recent works of Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak, Nermin Ülker and Serdar Oruç through the self practices that guide their production. The exhibition can be seen at Labirent Sanat's new venue in Tepebaşı until 16 January 2021.


Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak

Nermin Ülker

Serdar Oruç

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