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Imperfect Glance

20.02.2020 - 21.03.2020

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Labirent Sanat is hosting a project exhibition titled “Imperfect Glance” by Arzu Arbak, Ayşecan Kurtay, Bahadır Yıldız, Beyza Boynudelik, Füruzan Şimşek, Işıl Güleçyüz, Meliha Sözeri, Serkan Yüksel and Zeycan Alkış between 20 February - 21 March 2020.

Imperfect Glance” exhibition starts with the incorporation of photographs taken by nine artists from different disciplines into a visual game and these photos determine the road map for the next process of the project.

The link of photography that is inseparable from reality, brings it in a kind of ghost position between “being present” - not representing - and representation. When the surrounding images are selected by the photographer, reproduced through photography and detached from their context, the meaning repertoire presents itself as a deficiency, not an entirety. The photographs included to the project in a game and their coexistence, which brings the multi-layered meaning string are reconstructing in the practice of each artist.

Today in which the visual one becomes more abstract and mutated, “Imperfect Glance” exhibition is questioning the glance through the concepts of nature, body, space, boundary, fiction and intervention.

Imperfect Glance”, which is the result of an experimental, interactive and collective work, aims to share its process-oriented structure with its audience during the exhibition.

"Imperfect Glance" exhibition can be seen at Labirent Sanat between 20 February – 21 March 2020.


Arzu Arbak
Ayşecan Kurtay
Bahadır Yıldız
Beyza Boynudelik
Firuzan Şimşek
Işıl Güleçyüz
Meliha Sözeri
Serkan Yüksel
Zeycan Alkış

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