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09.12.2021 - 22.01.2022

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Labirent Sanat is hosting the exhibition titled “The View from Nowhere” between 9 December 2021 - 22 January 2022. Taking its name from the thinker Thomas Nagel's book with the same name, the exhibition brings together the works of Beyza Boynudelik, Burçin Erdi, Serhat Akavcı and Reşat Bayraktar, produced with different perspectives and methods.

When we have an extreme experience at a certain time in our life or face a challenging phenomenon; we find ourselves in a questioning process that starts with the question "who am I?", and aims to understand what lies behind the verb to be. The question of "who am I" also brings with it a set of questions which can be reproduced as "What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?" which includes the people we live with, in which our existence, which is the condition of being self, is confirmed and embodied. An attempt to locate and understand our own existence, which begins with a subjective experience also starts the process of questioning and making sense of our environment, the society we live in, the geography, the world, and finally the universe we are a part of, by growing in circles that go beyond our physical and mental limits.

In a sense, What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? questions bring the individual closer to the field of philosophy, science and art. Every culture has asked these questions in some way and has an approach to finding answers. While science advances with concrete data with an objective approach, by combining imagination with experimental results, insisting on evidence; art travels through a web of possibilities, mediated by the subjective worldview of its creator's imagination.

Artworks are radically different from scientific theories, aimed at showing the true objective nature of things: artists create subjective worldviews, scientists can offer theories, laws, hypotheses, and solutions. Science is clearly more objective than the understanding that artworks can provide, while relying on a careful study of “facts” and problems of the physical nature of the world. Contrary to this common view, Schopenhauer argues that not only the scientist but also the artist provides objective knowledge and that while scientists can only offer us subjective, utilitarian solutions to human problems, artists create works that are the result of a disinterested perception. Schopenhauer states that artists are not only interested in expressing personal feelings, they do not show the world only from a subjective view by taking us beyond a narrow perspective with their works; but instead, so to speak, they present a "non-existent perspective", that is, not dominated by individual interests and desires, the world from an impersonal, de-individual, ego-free perspective. Many works of art have an alienating effect and do not show us the world as we are used to perceiving it. On the contrary, works of art radically distort this confident picture and allow us to enter the world of inhuman forces. This corresponds to the point of view from nowhere by a subject no longer governed by the ego.

The View from Nowhere” exhibition creates a transitional space where the contributions of subjective and objective perspectives to the intellectual process, which shape our process of understanding and making sense of the world as a whole, enable us to create an expanded consciousness, can be read through the works of four artists who have gone through the same formation and produced with different perspectives and formulations in similar periods. You can visit “The View from Nowhere” exhibition featuring works by Beyza Boynudelik, Burçin Erdi, Serhat Akavcı and Reşat Bayraktar at Labirent Sanat until 22 January 2022.


The View From Nowhere

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