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Not As It Seems!

10.01.2019 - 16.02.2019

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Labirent Sanat is hosting Ethem Onur Parlar and Şinasi Göktürkler’s exhibition titled “Not as it seems!” between 10 January – 16 February 2019.


In the works of Ethem Onur Parlar, we witness the moment of an ironic encounter presented to the audience by transforming the provocative into a visual background that forms the sub-units of the traditional motifs and reproducing in formal and intellectual meaning. The intermediate forms created by combining the details decoupled from the body, abstracted and obscured and the amazing surprise combinations created with the ornaments which covers the whole picture surface in horizontal and front back relationship, create a new form of perception which restrains the actual, and re-presents to the audience.

In his series in the exhibition described as “Various Possibilities” by Şinasi Göktürkler, he discusses the issues of id, ego and superego through the images he creates. The id that identifies the insatiable side of us is our motivational, unstoppable side that adjusts itself only to the needs and does not accept criticism. As the middle stage of consciousness, the ego which is explained by Freud, is the balance between the id and nature or the environment and the side about the criticism and stopping motives. The superego is a side of conscience that guides man in the integrity of rules and values and determines a path according to orders and prohibitions.

In the works of Ethem Onur Parlar, while the taboo turns into the traditional forms accepted by the society and obscured by surrounding two-dimensional plane, in the works of Şinasi Göktürkler, a cleft that opens to the center of not actual and non-obscene forms provide a basis for possible encounters.

The artworks in the exhibition which deals with the same issue with two different approaches and technical possibilities, reminds us the possibility of re-questioning some social issues such as body, gender and sexuality from alternative perspectives.

The exhibition titled “Not as it seems!” that contains Ethem Onur Parlar and Şinasi Göktürkler’s artworks produced from different mediums can be seen at Labirent Sanat between 10 January and 16 February 2019.


Ethem Onur Parlar

Şinasi Göktürkler

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