Flou Project

Flou Project is an inter-disciplinary entity in our age where the distinctions between art and design are blurred, transform itselfs and new experimental approaches are discovered.

Modernism, which represents the last link of man's process of transforming nature through history, has ultimately led to a definitive distinction between nature and the city. The contrasting situations, rigid clarities created by this process have forced people to choose between the urban-nature duo that had been more peaceful in the past, or encouraged to build an artificial "nature" in the cities in which they lived.

In this context, Flou Project aims to blur these clear distinctions through the combination of art and design. With the elimination of clarity, the evaluation process becomes more personal. Self-relationships such as similarities, affinities, completion, continuity and past experiences provide opportunities for new forms of perception in this experimental discovery process. By this means, it leads a way which is enriched to understand the essence of the individual.

The method of Flou Project promises gray areas that are open to research and interpretation, rather than directing the participant to clear images and ready-made results. In doing so, it uses a collective approach.

Deniz Üner was born in 1983 in İstanbul. In 2007, she graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Interior Design. She completed her master's degree at Aalto University.

Tuna Üner was born in 1988 in İstanbul. He is currently studying at the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.