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15.02.2024 - 06.04.2024

Labirent Sanat is pleased to announce Emre Celali's solo exhibition titled “Living in Accordance with Nature” between 18 April  – 1 June 2024.
Aristotle referred to the highest and most desirable state of being for humans as eudaimonia. The aim of practical philosophy, which includes ethics and political philosophy in the ancient Greek tradition, is to discover what this state is and how this state can be achieved. According to Socrates, just being virtuous is necessary and sufficient for eudaimonia, whereas according to the Stoics, living in accordance with nature is required for eudaimonia.
In Emre Celali's exhibition “Living in Accordance with Nature” based on the concept of Eudaimonia, the distinction between the natural and living in accordance with nature is examined, while also exploring the comprehensive relationship of the universe and time.
In the works inspired by nature, the shaping of time, place, and space by people has been explored. Throughout the ages, people have created new paths to establish connections among themselves. These connections they embark on have increased interaction while also causing rupture within themselves. Although rupture is the end of things, it has also created new formations. The new methods and tools discovered have triggered faster development through connections between people and power has emerged. For centuries, the efforts of individuals and societies to stay and live together have turned into a race for superiority over each other as well as superiority over nature. However, the principle of living in accordance with nature is as valid for human relations as it is for human-nature relations: “All humans are equal before nature and a creation of nature.”
For both humans and in paintings, the formation of nature is a comprehensive spiritual expression. The societies of the Earth possess similar spiritual essences that shape or influence the geography with which they interact. However, the inevitable power that begins with the control of fire to construct the future, which is integrated with the widespread universe and absoluteness of things, sometimes echoes in the soil, water, and air, and sometimes suppresses their nature. 
Until today, the development of people's desire for harmony and order instead of what is in accordance with nature has damaged the natural and they have lost their identities as a part of nature. As a result of this corruption, society has renewed itself and progressed many times in history, as people once again addressed the issue of living in accordance with nature. The alignment with nature, between the natural and artificial, is also seen in the traces left to us by history.
In Celali's exhibition “Living in Accordance with Nature”; the portrayal of daily life, roads, lands, settlements, means of transportation and structures provides a glimpse into the tense and serene atmosphere of the landscapes of human beings who can sustain the “art of life”. As we distance ourselves from artificiality in these scenes, we witness to the enchanting atmosphere of nature. The perilous psychological landscape of society gives way to the uncanny nature to which we belong. 
You can see Emre Celali's solo exhibition titled "Living in Accordance with Nature", which includes his latest works, at Labirent Sanat until June 1.


Living in Accordance with Nature

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