Beyza Boynudelik

Boynudelik was born in İstanbul in 1975. She studied Painting at the Adnan Çoker and Kemal İskender workshops in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Completed her graduate studies at the Zekai Ormancı workshop in the same university. İn her Works she depicts the everyday life interwoven by coincidences, the liveliness of the city life, the underwater world and the figures interacting within eachother by the seashore. She creates her works with a sensitive approach to that might be interesting for a painter, and which would enrich her experiences. From a technical standpoint, her style has elements of expressionism, but has a strong infrastructure from modernity where she compares her style to many artisits. Her works are both delightful to watc and center of attention with the combination of her skillfulness, knowledge and perception. Beyza Boynudelik currently lives and works in İstanbul.