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22.11.2018 - 29.12.2018

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Barış Cihanoğlu’s new solo exhibition entitled “Sore” will be on display between 22 November - 29 December 2018 at Labirent Sanat.

The exhibition focuses on the existence issue in general, also the concept of “Sore” in particular with the works that have been produced by organic connectioned materials in his daily life. In the exhibition titled “Sore” the artist continues to surprise the audience with his works in different disciplines ranging from pentur to sculpture and installation.

The concept of “Sore”, which inspires Cihanoğlu's entire artistic creation process and whose influence becomes stronger in this exhibition, means more than just physical trauma to him, and he is more concerned with the psychological effects of the sore. Their production can be read as the expression of the loneliness, fragmentation and the dilemma that we have experienced in the process that begins with the breaking of the human from the womb at the time of birth, and the expression of the spiritual pain and the resistance against this pain.

In “Sore” exhibition, the objects that we do not notice, ignore or pass by, sometimes turn into objects of desire, formed by Cihanoğlu's passions, aspirations, fantasies, ambitions. In the depths of our collective subconscious ranging from the hidden passions to fetish from fantasies to our childhood memories in the life, reflection of almost all the issues directly related to human, finds an expression with Cihanoğlu’s artistic interpretation.

Cihanoğlu's new works, which deal with all the major issues of humanity, existence and life, can be seen at Labirent Sanat between 22 November and 29 December 2018.

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