Ayşe Demirci

She was born in Bursa in 1994. In 2016, she graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty as an honor student. The artist, who continues her postgraduate education at the same university, has exhibited her works questioning "space perception" in numerous exhibitions she attended. While she was continuing to work, she realized her dream of opening an exhibition in an alternative place with her artist friends. The exhibition which called 'Cave', they had a chance to transform the space by intellectual ground. Her works narrate finding a new 'me' by starting from the inner layers of the individual, considering cultural ground and trying to make a space for this new 'me'. Demirci elaborates the space as an area where the individual finds a chance to experience and construct himself, not an asylum area with the protection instinct from outside world. Hereby, her works are a symbolic extension of the moment that an individual finds himself after a maturation process.